Excavation Services

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Excavator with dozer in backgroundJaramillo Contractors provides excavation services for new commercial and new home development as well as industrial and residential applications.

Excavation requires a certain amount of precision so as not to disturb nearby structures or existing vegetation. To maneuver large excavators and breakers with such precision requires skill that is truly an art form.

Our precision and expertise has made Jaramillo Contractors a trusted choice for excavation services in southeast Wisconsin for decades.

Industrial and Commercial Excavation Services

If you are a prime contractor looking for DBE/MBE excavation services to meet your contract goals, you've come to the right place!

We perform excavation, grading, earthwork, tree removal, and site preparation for all types of projects. For most jobs, we provide excavation equipment rental with operators.

Proudly serving southeast Wisconsin, Jaramillo Contractors welcomes excavation bid invitations for private, state and local projects.

The most common types of excavation work we provide include:

  • Foundation and utility trenching
  • Back fill around foundations and concrete work
  • Stockpile excess dirt and gravel
  • Remove trees, brush and large rocks
  • Grade and smooth the soil
  • Direct drainage away from buildings, driveways, sidewalks and landscaping
  • Pond and reservoir excavation
  • Water remediation

Depending on your project specifications and goals, we can provide you with a time and materials quote or a lump sum proposal.

Residential Excavation Services

Yes! We do provide excavation service to homeowners too. We can dig building foundations for garages and new homes, swimming pool excavation (for new ones, or to remove existing), remove old tree stumps, boulders, or relocate trees.

If you have a project too big to handle, chances are we can help. Contact us for your free quote today!

Service Area

We proudly serve areas to include Dodge, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee.

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Here are a few examples of our excavation work.
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